Jimmy Olsen #56

This is a possible future earth where Lucy and Lois Lane are married to Jimmy Olsen and Clark Kent, respectively. Jimmy Olsen is now the editor of the Daily Planet, while Clark is still a reporter, so he can stay close to the action. The Olsens have a son, Jimmy, Jr. and the Kents have a daughter, Lola. Lola, unsurprisingly, has inherited her father's powers and is a superhero by the name of Supermaid. Jimmy, Jr. is smitten with Supermaid, but is not too fond of Lola, the wet blanket. Jimmy, Sr. forces his son to go on a date with Lola and the two hit it off, with Jimmy, Jr. coming to love Lola. The two want to get married, but Superman forbids it, not wanting his daughter to go through the same pain he did, having to constantly worry about the safety of Lois. Lola is heartbroken, but agrees and breaks it off. Jimmy, Jr. doesn't understand until he finds out Lola is Supermaid and she explains the situation. Jimmy, Jr. vows to marry her anyway and spends all of his spare time learning to create a formula that will give him super-powers so he'll be safe from Supermaid's enemies. The young couple elopes and when an angry Superman tracks them down, Jimmy, Jr. gives Lois the same formula so that Superman won't have to worry about his wife anymore. Superman reveals his secret to the world, glad to get it off his chest, but unfortunately, Lex Luthor sends Lola and Jimmy, Jr. a booby-trapped wedding gift with a gas inside that nullifies the effects of the super-serum on Jimmy, Jr. and Lois. Another dose of the serum would be fatal, and now the entire world knows that Clark and Lola are Superman and Supermaid.