Lois Lane #26

Lana Lang catches sight of Superman changing back into Clark Kent on top of a building. She confronts him about his secret identity, but feeling that his work is more important than her scoop, she asks him to use his power of super-hypnotism to remove the information from her mind. This selfless act causes Superman to realize how much he loves Lana and the two are married, with a heartbroken Lois Lane as the Maid of Honor and a Clark Kent robot as Best Man.
Superman flies Lana to the Fortress of Solitude, where he gives her a serum that permanently endows her with all of his powers, as well as her own indestrucible costume. The two are extremely happy for a while, but it seems that everywhere they go, Lana must protect Superman from various forms of Kryptonite. This turn of events proves to be very hard on Superman's self-esteem and so Lana leaves to live in another galaxy so Superman can salvage his self-respect, without people saying that Superman needs his super-wife to save him all the time.