BTAS, 'Over the Edge'

A world envisioned by Batgirl after exposure to the Scarecrow's fear gas. In this world, the Scarecrow gets the drop on Batgirl on the ledge of a high-rise building and knocks her off.
She lands on the hood of a police car speeding down the street that contains her father; Commissioner Gordon, and Detective Bullock. Batgirl has time to reveal her identity to her father and then dies in his arms. Gordon is grief stricken and blames Batman for her death. Bullock attempts to stop Batman from leaving, but he and Robin avoid capture.
Commissioner Gordon later calls Bruce Wayne at home, revealing that he's known that Wayne was Batman for some time. In moments, a police team bursts into Wayne Manor intent on capturing Batman. Fleeing through the Batcave, Alfred is captured after attacking the Commissioner to help Batman and Robin escape.
Forced to exit the Batcave by water, Batman and Robin are almost captured by a police boat when Nightwing arrives and the trio manage to get away. Holed up in a cave, Batman relates the situation to Nightwing, who decides to return to his loft to get supplies, thinking that his identity is still secret. Once he arrives, however, he discovers police officers waiting for him and is captured.
Frustrated at being unable to capture Batman, Commissioner Gordon strikes a deal with Bane; the villain's help for a reduced sentence. At Barbara Gordon's funeral, Batman is spotted on a rooftop and attacked by Bane. During the fight, Gordon confronts Batman by the Bat-signal and tries to take him in.
Unfortunately, Bane has other ideas and winds up trying to kill both Commissioner Gordon and Batman by using the Bat-signal to knock them over the edge of the roof.
It is while the pair are plummeting to the street that Batgirl finally shakes off the effects of the fear gas and wakes up from her hallucination.