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Title Issue
Earth: Bishop and the XSE Uncanny X-Men #287
Earth: Bishop guards the last humans X-Men Millennial Visions 2001
Earth: Bishop kills Fitzroy in front of Xavier What if Minus 1
Earth: Bitch Planet Bitch Planet
Earth: Bizarro World Action Annual #8
Earth: Black and White world Futurama, 'Reincarnation'
Earth: Black Barax Sensation #28
Earth: Black Bolt allied with Thanos What-If? Infinity - Inhumans #1
Earth: Black Bolt creates peace between Inhumans and Humans Nova #33
Earth: Black Bolt has the hiccups What if #34
Earth: Black Bolt is a musician What if #34
Earth: Black Bolt loves fast food Excalibur#49
Earth: Black Bolt on TV What if #34
Earth: Black Bolt talks in his sleep What if #9
Earth: Black Box Swamp Thing #155
Earth: Black Canary becomes Witch Canary Birds of Prey #65
Earth: Black Cat is a celebrity What if #99
Earth: Black Champions Marvel Universe Millennial Visions
Earth: Black Cross Dark Horse Presents #1
Earth: Black Edison Rex Edison Rex #6
Earth: Black Flag Zenith #1
Earth: Black Forest Black Forest
Earth: Black hole destroys Springfield The Simpsons, 'Treehouse of Horror XXIII'
Earth: Black hole destroys the world Brave and the Bold #34
Earth: Black Marvel and Shadow X GeNeXt #4
Earth: Black Mask Captain Captain Britain TPB
Earth: Black Panther Timeslip Collection #1
Earth: Black Panther forms a new Avengers team Marvel Universe Millennial Visions
Earth: Black Panther leads the Avengers against the Martians Avengers Forever #4
Earth: Black Panther, the once and future king Black Panther #36
Earth: Black Science Black Science #1
Earth: Black Sky Captain Midnight #1
Earth: Black Susan and the Beyonder Dark Reign: Fantastic Four #3
Earth: Black Terror is an FBI agent Black Terror #1
Earth: Blackhawks Blackhawks #147
Earth: Blade and Whistler Blade, the Movie
Earth: Blade is called Crossbow Blade the Vampire Hunter #9
Earth: Bleak Camelot Mystic Arcana Black Knight
Earth: Bleak Future Authority - Human on the Inside
Earth: Blind Lois and disfigured Superman Lois Lane #91
Earth: Blind Planet Express Futurama, 'The Farnsworth Parabox'
Earth: Blink and her children Exiles #99
Earth: Blink is never born Exiles #1
Earth: Blink kills Generation X What if #75
Earth: Blob and Mystique are assassins in Japan X-Men Millennial Visions 2001
Earth: Blob banished Superman #87
Earth: Blonde Phantom is an Avenger Age of the Sentry #4
Earth: Blonde Superman Superman/Batman #25
Earth: Bloodsbane Blade #1/2
Earth: Bloodstone sisters Marvel Universe Millennial Visions