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Title Issue
Earth: Blue Costume Captain Britain Excalibur #45
Earth: Blue Devil not trapped in suit Blue Devil #18
Earth: Blue Flash Flash Annual #3
Earth: Blue Helmet Captain Britain Excalibur #44
Earth: Blue Mask Captain Captain Britain TPB
Earth: Blumbus Rick & Morty #8
Earth: Bluntman and Chronic Bluntman and Chronic #1
Earth: Board games come to life Simpsons, 'Treehouse of Horror XXI'
Earth: Bob becomes a cyborg cop Bob's Burgers, 'Sliding Bobs'
Earth: Bob grows hair all over his body Bob's Burgers, 'Sliding Bobs'
Earth: Bob is Supreme Hydra Cable & Deadpool #46
Earth: Bob's Burgers Bob's Burgers #1
Earth: Bobble-head Planet Express Futurama, 'The Farnsworth Parabox'
Earth: Bobby Drake is never born Iceman #2
Earth: Bomb Defense Formula All-Star #10
Earth: Bombshells DC Comics Bombshells #1
Earth: Bonnie stays here Time Masters #8
Earth: Booster Gold Booster Gold #1
Earth: Booth family adopts orphan from Krypton Elseworld 80 Page Giant
Earth: Borderline Cable #85
Earth: Borg have conquered the galaxy Star Trek TNG: Hive #1
Earth: Borg have destroyed the Federation Star Trek TNG, 'Parallels'
Earth: Borg Sentinels Star Trek TNG/X-Men: Second Contact
Earth: Borg take over the world Star Trek: First Contact
Earth: Boris the Bear Boris the Bear #1
Earth: Boss Cage Dark Avengers #178
Earth: Bowling Ball Darkwing Darkwing Duck #8
Earth: Boy Bob Banner New Exiles #11
Earth: BPRD knew each other as children Itty Bitty Hellboy #1
Earth: Braddock brothers defeat Aryanites Excalibur Annual #2
Earth: Brain Child destroys world Avengers #86
Earth: Brainiac 13 rules the universe Young Justice: Our Worlds at War
Earth: Brainiac is a shogun JLA: Shogun of Steel
Earth: Brainiac rules the world Flashpoint - Kid Flash Lost #1
Earth: Brainiac Takes Over the World DC Universe Online
Earth: Brane Taylor becomes Batman Batman #67
Earth: Brane(Bruce Wayne XX) becomes Batman Batman #26
Earth: Braniac 5 is robotic Legion of Super Heroes in the 31st Century
Earth: Bravestarr Bravestarr #1
Earth: Breaking Bad Breaking Bad #1
Earth: Breed Breed #1
Earth: Brent and Cole are old PVP
Earth: Brent and Jade have a daughter PVP
Earth: Brent attacks the panda PVP
Earth: Brent downloads himself onto an Apple device PVP
Earth: Brian Braddock chose both the sword and the amulet Timeslip Collection #1
Earth: Brian prevents 9/11 Family Guy, 'Road to the Pilot'
Earth: Brian Salmon never met Muriel Jenkins Dreaming #4
Earth: Brian writes Harry Potter Family Guy, 'Road to the Pilot'
Earth: Britain and France at war New Exiles #7