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Title Issue
Earth: Britain invaded by Volgs 2000 AD #1
Earth: Britanicus Rex Excalibur #51
Earth: Britanotron Excalibur #43
Earth: Broken Universe X-Man #63
Earth: Broken Universe II X-Man #73
Earth: Brood ate everyone X-Treme X-Men 7.1
Earth: Brood defeat the X-Men X-Men: The End - Heroes and Martyrs #3
Earth: Brother Brit-Man Excalibur #44
Earth: Brother Eye has assimilated humanity Futures End #0
Earth: Brother Mutant Exiles #85
Earth: Brother Nathan Cable/Deadpool #16
Earth: Bruce Banner and Rick Jones are merged into the Hulk Timeslip Collection #1
Earth: Bruce Banner arrives on Sakaar What If: Planet Hulk
Earth: Bruce Banner goes crazy after Betty dies Incredible Hulk #467
Earth: Bruce Banner is a monster What if #91
Earth: Bruce Banner killed by Weapon X Exiles #38
Earth: Bruce Banner killed the Hulk Incredible Hulk #609
Earth: Bruce Banner of Weapon X Exiles #40
Earth: Bruce Banner's father creates the Hulk Hulk, the Movie
Earth: Bruce Vanekow is the Bat Batman: Golden Streets of Gotham
Earth: Bruce Wayne adopted by the Kents World's Finest #172
Earth: Bruce Wayne become Joker Batman/Joker: Two Faces
Earth: Bruce Wayne becomes a were-bat Batman Chronicles #11
Earth: Bruce Wayne becomes Cobra Batman #682
Earth: Bruce Wayne becomes Mothman Batman #682
Earth: Bruce Wayne becomes Paladin Justice League of America #25
Earth: Bruce Wayne Becomes The Iron Knight Batman #256
Earth: Bruce Wayne Becomes The Owl Batman #256
Earth: Bruce Wayne Becomes The Scorpian Batman #256
Earth: Bruce Wayne Becomes The Shooting Star Batman #256
Earth: Bruce Wayne Becomes The Stingray Batman #256
Earth: Bruce Wayne destined to fight supernatural Batman: Haunted Gotham
Earth: Bruce Wayne holds the Demon Batman/Demon: A Tragedy
Earth: Bruce Wayne is a doctor Batman #683
Earth: Bruce Wayne joins a society of detectives Batman: Detective No. 27
Earth: Bruce Wayne killed instead of parents Detective #678
Earth: Bruce Wayne lives with his Aunt Batman '66 #1
Earth: Bruce Wayne marries Kathy Kane Batman #122
Earth: Bruce Wayne never lost his parents but became Batman anyway Detective Comics #500
Earth: Bruce Wayne restores his father to life Batman: Castle of the Bat
Earth: Bruce Wayne rules Gotham Batman: SotB Annual #2
Earth: Bruce Wayne runs Arkham Batman: The Batman of Arkham
Earth: Brunette Captain Captain Britain TPB
Earth: Brute Force Brute Force #1
Earth: Buck Godot Buck Godot #1
Earth: Buck Rogers Buck Rogers #1
Earth: Buck Rogers and Twiki Buck Rogers #1
Earth: Buck Rogers was socialist Buck Rogers #1
Earth: Bucky survived and is still Captain America's partner What if #105
Earth: Buffyverse Buffy, the Vampire Slayer #1