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Title Issue
Earth: Captain Meggan Excalibur #15
Earth: Captain Mexica Marvel Zombies 3 #4
Earth: Captain Prydain New Excalibur #18
Earth: Captain Sisko is killed Star Trek DS9, 'The Visitor'
Earth: Captain Skank rules the Black Atlantic 2000 AD #1259
Earth: Captain Skrull Excalibur #49
Earth: Captain Tao Excalibur #50
Earth: Captain Thunder Superman #276
Earth: Captain UK Captain Britain TPB
Earth: Captain Valor Hero Squared Special
Earth: Captain Zulu Excalibur #44
Earth: Cardassians discover the Bajoran Wormhole Star Trek: Myriad Universe, "A Gutted World"
Earth: Carnage gets cosmic powers What if #108
Earth: Carnivorous Homer Plant Treehouse of Horror #1
Earth: Carol Danvers is still Warbird Ms. Marvel #9
Earth: Carter and Jo are Together Eureka, 'Lost'
Earth: Cartoon versions Bizarre Adventures #27
Earth: Cassandra Avengers #355
Earth: Cassandra Locke travels back in time Marvel: Lost Generation
Earth: Castle Fantastic Avengers World #18
Earth: Castle Hunter Books of Magic #52
Earth: Cat Grant with Superman's powers Superman #120
Earth: Cat People Rick & Morty #23
Earth: Cat Pryde's home Exiles #98
Earth: Catwoman in ancient Egypt Catwoman Annual #1
Earth: Catwoman is a hero; Batman is a villain Catwoman: Guardian of Gotham
Earth: Catwoman kept her daughter Catwoman #72
Earth: Catwoman runs away to Spain Catwoman #72
Earth: Cave Carson, Jr. Cave Carson has a Cybernetic Eye #10
Earth: Caveduck Darkwing Darkwing Duck #8
Earth: Caveman Edison Rex Edison Rex #6
Earth: Caveman with Superman's costume Superman #295
Earth: Cavewoman Cavewoman #1
Earth: CeCe Beck becomes Thunder Power of Shazam Annual #1
Earth: Celestial Union Star Trek, DS9: Fearful Symmetry
Earth: Centurion Britannus Excalibur #24
Earth: Cerebrus Iron Man #5
Earth: Challengers defeat cosmic creatures Challengers of the Unknown #18
Earth: Challengers of Doom Fantastic Four #47
Earth: Challengers of the Unknown are nazis Challenge! #9
Earth: Champions Champions #1
Earth: Chaos event Supernaturals #1
Earth: Chaos! Evil Ernie #1
Earth: Charlie Brown Solomon Many Worlds of Tesla Strong
Earth: Charmed Charmed #1
Earth: Cherry Cherry Poptart #1
Earth: Chester Williams, American Cop Swamp Thing #165
Earth: Chevalier Bretagne Excalibur #24
Earth: Chew Chew #1
Earth: Chicomm invades Downlode 2000 AD #1642