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Title Issue
Earth: Dinodroids Avengers #295
Earth: Dinosaur Rip Hunter, Time Master #18
Earth: Dinosaur Avengers Exiles #90
Earth: Dinosaur cops Top 10: Beyond the Furthest Precinct #1
Earth: Dinosaur Edison Rex Edison Rex #6
Earth: Dinosaurs in Australia Zenith #1
Earth: Dinosaurs in NY FF #24
Earth: Dire Wraiths are parasites instead of shape changers Timeslip Collection #1
Earth: Dmane Flash Comic Miniature Edition
Earth: DNAgents DNAgents #1
Earth: Doc and Chuck fail to kill dinosaur scout Dr. McNinja
Earth: Doc Brown develops time travel for the government Back to the Future #2
Earth: Doc Frankenstein Doc Frankenstein #1
Earth: Doc Iron Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four #25
Earth: Doc Noble becomes an A.I. Noble Causes #25
Earth: Doc Noble is a wanted man Noble Causes: Distant Relatives #1
Earth: Doc Samson kills Bruce Banner Startling Stories: Banner #1
Earth: Doc Savage Doc Savage #1
Earth: Doc Savage creates longevity drug Doc Savage #1
Earth: Doc Savage has a grandson Doc Savage #1
Earth: Doc Savage Turns Primitive Doc Savage: Altered States #1
Earth: Doctor America Captain America: Who Won't Wield the Shield
Earth: Doctor Darkwing Duck Darkwing Duck #8
Earth: Doctor Immortal Brit #5
Earth: Doctor Japanazi Incredible Hercules #135
Earth: Doctor Who Doctor Who #1
Earth: Doesn't believe in the Gay Ghost Sensation #30
Earth: Dogpool Prelude to Deadpool Corps #3
Earth: Dogs rule the world Family Guy, 'Road to the Multiverse'
Earth: Doktor Sleepless Doktor Sleepless
Earth: Dolphins invade Springfield Simpsons, 'Treehouse of Horror XI'
Earth: Dominion defeated Starfleet Star Trek #35
Earth: Domino is Stryfe X-Force #5
Earth: Don Homer Simpsons, 'Last Exit to Springfield'
Earth: Don Uggo runs Mega-City One 2000 AD #1259
Earth: Donatello buries Splinter in his home village TMNT v2 #1
Earth: Donna Noble is married with two kids Dr. Who, 'Forests of the Dead'
Earth: Donna Noble never met the Doctor Dr. Who, 'Left Turn'
Earth: Donna Troy has a crazy mom Wonder Woman #134
Earth: Donna Troy is an abused spouse Wonder Woman #133
Earth: Donna Troy is homeless Wonder Woman #134
Earth: Doofus Rick Rick & Morty, 'Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind'
Earth: Doom and Kristoff destroy the world FF #330
Earth: Doom and Red Skull rule world What if #67
Earth: Doom becomes the Thing What If Dr. Doom became the Thing
Earth: Doom conquers Camelot What if #97
Earth: Doom has different armor Timeslip Collection #1
Earth: Doom inhabits Reed Richard's body X-Factor #202
Earth: Doom is a hero What if #22
Earth: Doom is an American hero 2099 Unlimited #7