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Title Issue
Earth: Flex Mentallo Flex Mentallo
Earth: Flight Leader Uncanny X-Men #462
Earth: Flooded London The Once and Future Tarzan
Earth: Flying Machine Captain Excalibur: Sword of Power #1
Earth: Foot Soldiers Foot Soldiers #1
Earth: Force Seven Force Seven #1
Earth: Forever Yesterday New Warriors #11
Earth: Forge and Storm are married New X-Men #29
Earth: Fortress of Solitude is a museum Lois Lane #60
Earth: Four Fantastics Exiles #95
Earth: Fourth Reich Justice Society of America #36
Earth: Fox Mulder Was Abducted X-Files Deviations #1
Earth: Fragmented America Iron Man #81
Earth: Francine leaves her family American Dad, 'Fartbreak Hotel'
Earth: Francine Richards Franklin Richards: Sons of Geniuses
Earth: Francis is rich and powerful PVP
Earth: Francis sucks PVP
Earth: Frank Castle becomes Captain America What if #51
Earth: Frank Castle died instead of his family What if #34
Earth: Frank Castle is an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D What if #57
Earth: Frank Castle was an accountant Timeslip Collection #1
Earth: Frankenstein Mobster Frankenstein Mobster #1
Earth: Frankenstein Solomon Many Worlds of Tesla Strong
Earth: Frankenstein's monster battles his creator Dean Koontz's Frankenstein #1
Earth: Frankenstein's Monster fights crime Frankenstein #1
Earth: Frankie Kane leaves Wally Flash 80 Page Giant
Earth: Franklin is a super-hero Franklin Richards: Sons of a Geniuses
Earth: Franklin Richards finds Mjolnir What if #3
Earth: Franklin Richards is a genius chimp Franklin Richards: Sons of Geniuses
Earth: Franq'lyn R'ich'rdz Franklin Richards: Sons of Geniuses
Earth: Fray Fray #1
Earth: Fredd Captain Marvel #16
Earth: Freedom Force X-Men Millennial Visions 2000
Earth: French Fry Futurama #44
Earth: Friendly parallels Adventure #325
Earth: Frog Tom Strange Terra Obscura 2 #4
Earth: Frozen Universe Futurama, 'The Farnsworth Parabox'
Earth: Fry and Leela's clone Futurama #32
Earth: Fry is killed by a space bee Futurama, 'The Sting'
Earth: Fry shoots Bender Futurama, "Law and Oracle"
Earth: Fry wasn't frozen Futurama, 'Anthology of Interest'
Earth: FSS Enterprise Star Trek, TNG: Q&A
Earth: Fuel cell factory Exiles #58
Earth: Fury lost his right eye What if #34
Earth: Fusion Fusion #1
Earth: Fusion of DCU and Milestone Static #14
Earth: Futurama Futurama #1
Earth: Future Archaeologist Captain Marvel, Jr. 116
Earth: Future Archie Archie 3000 #1
Earth: Future Atlantis Aquaman #63