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Title Issue
Earth: Tony Stark is President Exiles #8
Earth: Tony Stark is the Sorcerer Supreme What if #113
Earth: Tony Stark owns laundromats What if #34
Earth: Tony Stark retires as Iron Man Iron Man, The End
Earth: Tony Stark starts drinking again Iron Man #27
Earth: Tony Stark was killed by shrapnel Avengers West Coast #62
Earth: Tony Stark's Body is Taken Over by an AI Iron Man: Rapture #1
Earth: Top Cow Top Cow comics
Earth: Tornado Twins destroy Central City The Flash #26
Earth: Total peace 2000 AD #250
Earth: Tough SG-1 Stargate: SG-1, 'Ripple Effect'
Earth: Tour Guide Ripper Wisdom #4
Earth: Toxic Avenger Toxic Avenger #1
Earth: Toxic world Warlord #70
Earth: Traffic Wars Punisher 2099 #24
Earth: Transformers Transformers #1
Earth: Transformers arrived much earlier Transformers Evolutions: Hearts of Steel #1
Earth: Transforming alien robots take over the world Simpsons, 'Treehouse of Horror XIX'
Earth: Transmetropolitan Transmetropolitan #1
Earth: Transparent Tick The Tick FCBD 2016
Earth: Travis Morgan becomes President Warlord #80
Earth: Trekker Dark Horse Presents #4
Earth: Trigon War Booster Gold #22
Earth: Trio Trio #1
Earth: Triune attacks world Avengers #42
Earth: Troi is killed Star Trek, TNG: Imzadi
Earth: Troia in a black and starry costume Titans #25
Earth: Troia in a red and starry costume Titans #25
Earth: Troia with metal armbands Titans #25
Earth: Trouble With Girls Trouble With Girls #1
Earth: True Blood True Blood #1
Earth: Tube Helmet Captain Excalibur #44
Earth: Tubes used for transportation PS238 #20
Earth: Turban Alistaire Excalibur #50
Earth: Turban Wearing Captain Britain Excalibur #45
Earth: Turingville ABC A to Z: Top 10 and Teams
Earth: Turkeys are the dominant life form Franklin Richards: Happy Franksgiving
Earth: Turtles Worked for Shredder TMNT Deviations #1
Earth: Twilight Avenger Twilight Avenger #1
Earth: Twins are cyborgs Invincible #24
Earth: Twins in costume Invincible #24
Earth: Twins in overalls Invincible #24
Earth: Twisted Authority Marvel Boy #5
Earth: Twisted Watchmen Marvel Boy #5
Earth: Two Ghost Riders Ghost Rider #33
Earth: Tyler is a super-powered brat PS238 #12
Earth: Tyrone Strong Many Worlds of Tesla Strong
Earth: U.S. Agent's parents are alive Avengers West Coast #62
Earth: Uatu Kills Galactus What-If #200
Earth: Uberman of Axis Amerika Animal Man #23