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Title Issue
Earth: Twins in costume Invincible #24
Earth: Twins in overalls Invincible #24
Earth: Twisted Authority Marvel Boy #5
Earth: Twisted Watchmen Marvel Boy #5
Earth: Two Ghost Riders Ghost Rider #33
Earth: Tyler is a super-powered brat PS238 #12
Earth: Tyrone Strong Many Worlds of Tesla Strong
Earth: U.S. Agent's parents are alive Avengers West Coast #62
Earth: Uatu Kills Galactus What-If #200
Earth: Uberman of Axis Amerika Animal Man #23
Earth: Ultimate Batman Planetary/Batman: Night on Earth
Earth: Ultimate Marvel Ultimate books
Earth: Ultimate version of Squadron Supreme Supreme Power #1
Earth: Ultra marries Princess Projectra Another Nail
Earth: Ultra the Multi-Alien Mystery in Space #103
Earth: Ultra-Man All-American #8
Earth: Ultraverse Ultraverse comics
Earth: Ultron attacks the Fantastic Four FF #331
Earth: Ultron conquers the present from the future Age of Ultron #1
Earth: Ultron joined Danger Room What-If: Astonishing X-Men
Earth: Ultron kills all of humanity except for Hank Pym What If: Age of Ultron #1
Earth: Ultron rules world Avengers #42
Earth: Ultron takes over Age of Ultron #6
Earth: Ultron was not created What-If?: Age of Ultron #5
Earth: Ultron-Galactus Marvel Universe Millennial Visions
Earth: Ulysses's brain was cloned Ultimates #12
Earth: Umbrella Academy Umbrella Academy #1
Earth: Uncharted Uncharted #1
Earth: Uncle Ben gets car-jacked Spider-Man, the Movie
Earth: Uncle Grandpa Uncle Grandpa #1
Earth: Uncle Scrooge Uncle Scrooge Adventures #1
Earth: Unconquerables Action #282
Earth: Undermind Infestation #1
Earth: Undernet Red Robin #19
Earth: Underwater house Simpsons, 'Treehouse of Horror V'
Earth: Unfriendly Neighborhood Spider-Clone Unlimited Access #4
Earth: Ungrounded Ungrounded #1
Earth: Unicycle Lawman Excalibur #50
Earth: United States lost the Revolution Futurama, 'All the President's Heads'
Earth: United States of Earth Jonny Quest Special
Earth: Unity Hawk and Dove Annual #2
Earth: Universe destroyed by Nekron Star Trek/Green Lantern #1
Earth: Universe Rex X-Men Millennial Visions 2000
Earth: Universe-2 Challengers of the Fantastic #1
Earth: Unknown Superman All Star Superman #2
Earth: Unpowered Captain Canuck Captain Canuck: Unholy War #1
Earth: Unpowered Fantastic Four Unstable Molecules #1
Earth: Untouchables LSH LSH #100
Earth: Unwanted Superbaby Adventure #299
Earth: Unwritten Unwritten #1