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Title Issue
Earth: Western mutants X-Treme X-Men #4
Earth: Wetworks are deep sea explorers Wildtimes: Wetworks
Earth: White costume Wolverine Exiles #86
Earth: Whole lotta superman Superman #400
Earth: Wiccan is the Demiurge Young Avengers #8
Earth: Wild West Superboy Superboy #61
Earth: Wildcats in the future Wildtimes: Wildcats
Earth: Wildfire's LSH LSH Annual #7
Earth: Wildstar Wildstar #1
Earth: Wildstorm Wildstorm comics
Earth: Wildstorm and DCU collide Planetary/JLA: Terra Occulta
Earth: Willie kills the schoolchildren Simpsons, 'Treehouse of Horror VI'
Earth: Willie Lumpkin is a herald of Galactus What if #34
Earth: Willie Lumpkin is killed by Lockjaw Marvel Comics Presents #18
Earth: Willie Lumpkin joined the FF What if #34
Earth: Willow is a vampire Buffy, 'The Wish'
Earth: Wiped out by Furies Astonishing X-Men: Xenogenesis #4
Earth: Witch King Xavier X-Treme X-Men #9
Earth: Witch Tom Strange Terra Obscura 2 #4
Earth: Witchblade in post-apocalyptic world Tales of the Witchblade 1/2
Earth: Wizard Alistaire Excalibur #50
Earth: Wizard of 4th Street Wizard of 4th Street #1
Earth: Wizard of Oz Daydreamers
Earth: Wizard police in London Rivers of London: Body Work #1
Earth: Wolfsbane is Queen Rain Rahne of Terra
Earth: Wolverine agent Exiles #86
Earth: Wolverine and Armor Wolverine & the X-Men: Alpha and Omega #1
Earth: Wolverine and Mariko get married What if #43
Earth: Wolverine and Sabretooth are best friends What if #100
Earth: Wolverine becomes Cable Ultimate X-Men #75
Earth: Wolverine Captain Canada Exiles #86
Earth: Wolverine Clown Exiles #86
Earth: Wolverine crippled Exiles #41
Earth: Wolverine Deadpool Exiles #86
Earth: Wolverine finds his brother Wolverine, The End
Earth: Wolverine goes savage What if #93
Earth: Wolverine hibernates What if #34
Earth: Wolverine Hulk Exiles #86
Earth: Wolverine in a blue costume Exiles #86
Earth: Wolverine in a red and white costume Exiles #86
Earth: Wolverine in a red mask Exiles #86
Earth: Wolverine in a yellow coat Exiles #86
Earth: Wolverine in a yellow costume Exiles #86
Earth: Wolverine in an asian robe Exiles #86
Earth: Wolverine is a female in a brown costume Exiles #86
Earth: Wolverine is a female in a costume with flared shoulders Exiles #86
Earth: Wolverine is a female with a fur collar Exiles #86
Earth: Wolverine is a monk X-Men Millennial Visions 2000
Earth: Wolverine is a savage Exiles #32
Earth: Wolverine is a wimp What if #100