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Title Issue
Earth: Wolverine wears armor Wolverine #86
Earth: Wolverine Wendigo Exiles #86
Earth: Wolverine with a brown and tan costume Exiles #86
Earth: Wolverine with a fur collar Exiles #86
Earth: Wolverine with a green costume Exiles #86
Earth: Wolverine with only two claws per hand Exiles #86
Earth: Wolverine with short claws Exiles #86
Earth: Wolverine works in a deli What if #3
Earth: Wolverine, Ghost Rider, Hulk and Spider-Man are the Fantastic Four What if this was the Fantastic Four?
Earth: Wolverine, Hulk, Ghost Rider, Spider-Man as FF Wolverine #148
Earth: Wolverine, Lord of Vampires, killed by Punisher What if #24
Earth: Wolverine, Lord of Vampires, killed the Punisher What if #37
Earth: Women subjugated Wonder Woman: Amazonia
Earth: Wonder Man exploded, killing the Avengers Avengers West Coast #62
Earth: Wonder Man in a cape Exiles #96
Earth: Wonder Man lived What if #5
Earth: Wonder Woman and Batman make Gotham a paradise JLA #90
Earth: Wonder Woman and Giganta are Atom's Girlfriends All New Atom #20
Earth: Wonder Woman and Nemesis are married Wonder Woman #36
Earth: Wonder Woman and Superman are together Wonder Woman #141
Earth: Wonder Woman brings peace to man's world Wonder Woman #140
Earth: Wonder Woman is a ruthless vigilante Wonder Woman #300
Earth: Wonder Woman is Batman's partner JLA #90
Earth: Wonder Woman kills the Joker JLA #90
Earth: Wonder Woman marries Steve Trevor Wonder Woman #127
Earth: Wonder Woman on a generation ship Wonder Woman Annual #5
Earth: Wonder Woman possessed by the Morrigan Wonder Woman #611
Earth: Wonder Woman rules Wonder Woman #22
Earth: Wonder Woman, Luthor's daughter Elseworld 80 Page Giant
Earth: Wonderella Wonderella #1
Earth: Worf and Troi are married Star Trek TNG, 'Parallels'
Earth: Worf is captain of the Enterprise Star Trek, TNG: Q&A
Earth: Worf takes 9th in a bat'leth competition Star Trek TNG, 'Parallels'
Earth: Worf's son chooses not to become a warrior Star Trek TNG, 'Firstborn'
Earth: World destroyed despite JLA Justice #1
Earth: World in Chains Avengers Forever #12
Earth: World is completely destroyed Doom Patrol #1
Earth: World is destroyed by a kryptonite meteor Superman/Batman #5
Earth: World is destroyed by those with geological powers Justice Society of America #43
Earth: World is on fire Ultimate Armor Wars #4
Earth: World peace Marvel Knights Millennial Visions
Earth: World reshaped by meteor strikes New Exiles #1
Earth: World Ruled by Vacuums Dr. McNinja
Earth: World steals Superman's powers Action #262
Earth: World War 3 Chronos #9
Earth: World without Young Justice Young Justice #44
Earth: Worst possible outcome for Marvel Universe Ruins
Earth: Wrestler Britain Captain Britain TPB
Earth: WW2 destroyed civilization Daring Mystery Comics #4
Earth: WW2 lasted into the 1950s Amazing-Man Comics #5