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Title Issue
Earth: Baxter/Retxab Amazing Spider-Man #658
Earth: Beast has Energy Powers X-Factor #24
Earth: Beast in a Wheelchair X-Factor #24
Earth: Beast is a Priest X-Factor #24
Earth: Beast is a Sorceror X-Factor #24
Earth: Beast is a wild animal X-Men: First Class #8
Earth: Beast loses intellect What if #37
Earth: Beast wears goggles X-Men Millennial Visions 2001
Earth: Beast's descendents A+X #4
Earth: Beetle Bailey Beetle Bailey #5
Earth: Belasco killed X-Men Uncanny X-Men #160
Earth: Belasco took over world X-Force #100
Earth: Ben 10 Ben 10 #1
Earth: Ben 10,000 Ben 10, 'Ben 10,000'
Earth: Ben 23 Ben 10: Omniverse, 'Store 23'
Earth: Ben Grimm and the Future Foundation Fantastic Four #605
Earth: Ben Grimm is football player Fantastic Four #47
Earth: Ben Grimm is Mr. Fantastic Fantastic Four #47
Earth: Ben Grimm stayed in the military Fantastic Four #47
Earth: Ben Parker's nephew is Galactus What if #3
Earth: Ben Reilly survived Spider-Man: The Clone Saga #1
Earth: Ben stays in Liddleville What if #109
Earth: Ben with no Omnitrix Ben 10: Omniverse, 'And Then There Were None'
Earth: Bender accidentally poisons Planet Express crew Futurama, "Law and Oracle"
Earth: Bender becomes anti-technology Futurama, 'Obsoletely Fabulous'
Earth: Bender becomes human Futurama, 'Anthology of Interest II'
Earth: Bender hit the What If Machine with a hammer Futurama #45
Earth: Bender is 500 feet tall Futurama, 'Anthology of Interest'
Earth: Bender leads a robot takeover Futurama, "Decision 3012"
Earth: Bender rules the world Futurama #45
Earth: Benderator Futurama #7
Earth: Benzarro Ben 10: Omniverse, 'And Then There Were None'
Earth: Beowulf Sword of Sorcery #0
Earth: Bernie America Captain America #289
Earth: Berzerker Berzerker #1
Earth: Beta 1963 #6
Earth: Beth remarries after divorcing Jerry Rick & Morty, 'Mortynight Run'
Earth: Betty becomes Hulk instead of Bruce Red She-Hulk #66
Earth: Betty Brant was Spider-Girl What if #7
Earth: Beyonder is worshipped Dark Reign: Fantastic Four #3
Earth: Beyonder remakes the world Dark Reign: Fantastic Four #3
Earth: Biff Runs a Casino Back to the Future II
Earth: Big Bang Big Bang #1
Earth: Big Guy and Rusty Big Guy and Rusty #1
Earth: Big Trouble in Little China Big Trouble in Little China #1
Earth: BigTown FF: Big Town
Earth: Bill and Ted Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure
Earth: Billy Batson's parents are Marvels Power of Shazam #27
Earth: Billy the Kid faked his death Billy the Kid's Old Timey Oddities #1
Earth: Bird people Young Avengers #8