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Title Issue
Earth: All Kryptonians escaped Superman: MoS Annual #3
Earth: All men die JLA: Created Equal
Earth: Apocalypse Grrrrl Batman Chronicles #21
Earth: Barry Allen paralyzed Flashpoint
Earth: Baruch Wane is Fledermaus Batman Chronicles #11
Earth: Batman and Houdini team up Batman/Houdini: The Devil's Workshop
Earth: Batman and Joker are twin brothers Batman/Lobo
Earth: Batman and Poe Batman: Nevermore
Earth: Batman and Superman as pulp heroes Elseworld's Finest
Earth: Batman as a Union agent Batman: Blue, the Grey and the Bat
Earth: Batman at the opera Batman: Masque
Earth: Batman born to save the Wild Batman: Dark Joker-the Wild
Earth: Batman during the reign of terror Batman: Reign of Terror
Earth: Batman fights crime underwater Elseworld 80 Page Giant
Earth: Batman fights Manbat Batman: Manbat
Earth: Batman in the garden of Eden Elseworld 80 Page Giant
Earth: Batman is a pirate Detective Annual #17
Earth: Batman is a priest Batman: Holy Terror
Earth: Batman is a vampire Batman: Red Rain
Earth: Batman is daVinci's apprentice Batman Annual #18
Earth: Batman is GL Batman: In Darkest Knight
Earth: Batman of the round table Batman: Dark Knight of the Round Table
Earth: Batman rules city, hunts criminals for sport Batman: I, Joker
Earth: Batman stops Cthulhu Batman: Doom that came to Gotham
Earth: Batman vs. Jack the Ripper Batman: Gotham by Gaslight
Earth: Batman works for the O.S.S Batman: Dark Allegiances
Earth: Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman in Metropolis Batman: Nosferatu
Earth: Batman's parents were Egyptologists Batman: Book of the Dead
Earth: Batman's son fights Ra's al Ghul Batman: Brotherhood of the Bat
Earth: Booth family adopts orphan from Krypton Elseworld 80 Page Giant
Earth: Brainiac is a shogun JLA: Shogun of Steel
Earth: Bruce Vanekow is the Bat Batman: Golden Streets of Gotham
Earth: Bruce Wayne become Joker Batman/Joker: Two Faces
Earth: Bruce Wayne becomes a were-bat Batman Chronicles #11
Earth: Bruce Wayne destined to fight supernatural Batman: Haunted Gotham
Earth: Bruce Wayne holds the Demon Batman/Demon: A Tragedy
Earth: Bruce Wayne joins a society of detectives Batman: Detective No. 27
Earth: Bruce Wayne restores his father to life Batman: Castle of the Bat
Earth: Bruce Wayne rules Gotham Batman: SotB Annual #2
Earth: Bruce Wayne runs Arkham Batman: The Batman of Arkham
Earth: Byron Wyatt is Batman Batman: Hollywood Knight
Earth: Catwoman in ancient Egypt Catwoman Annual #1
Earth: Catwoman is a hero; Batman is a villain Catwoman: Guardian of Gotham
Earth: Citizen Wayne Batman Chronicles #21
Earth: Clark Kent sent from Earth to Krypton Superman: Last Son of Earth
Earth: Conquered by aliens Adventures of Superman Annual #6
Earth: Cult murders using stretching powers Elseworld 80 Page Giant
Earth: Deathstroke vs. aliens Deathstroke, the Terminator Annual #3
Earth: Dick Grayson is a PI Batman: Nine Lives
Earth: Elliot Ness is Batman Batman: Scar of the Bat