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Title Issue
Earth: A Superman fights Lex Luthor's empire Superman: Man of Steel Annual #5
Earth: A.I.M. makes peace with the U.N. Amazing Fantasy #16
Earth: Abandoned by humanity Crux #1
Earth: Abra Kadabra Flash #128
Earth: Access is evil Unlimited Access #4
Earth: Access is homeless DC vs. Marvel #1
Earth: Acclaim Magnus: Robot Fighter Magnus: Robot Fighter #1
Earth: Adam Strange vs. GL of 73rd century Justice League of America #138
Earth: Adult Avengers Academy students Avengers Academy #21
Earth: Adult LSH LSH #300
Earth: Adult Young Justice Young Justice: Our Worlds at War
Earth: Advanced humans DC 2000 #1
Earth: Aging liquid metal Flash #146
Earth: Agron's home Captain America #204
Earth: Ahab and Sentinels take over Cable #71
Earth: Alchemax 2099 books
Earth: Alien invaders Flash #125
Earth: Alien Legion Alien Legion #1
Earth: Aliens conquer the world Avengers #42
Earth: Aliens destroy the world Avengers #42
Earth: All humans killed by Chronozone Death's Head #16
Earth: Alpha and Beta Action #368
Earth: Amber becomes the Entity Phoenix Resurrection: Aftermath
Earth: Ambush Bug runs a bar Chronos #1M
Earth: America ruled by super-villains Wolverine #66
Earth: An alien believes he is Superman Adventures of Superman Annual #8
Earth: Ancestor of Korvac Silver Surfer Annual #4
Earth: Angle Man Wonder Woman #96
Earth: Animal Man starts to lose his powers Last Days of Animal Man #1
Earth: Annie in battle armor Ms. Marvel #50
Earth: Anti-Pope Curse of the Spawn #1
Earth: AOL rules the world Marville #1
Earth: Apocalypse and his Horsemen Avengers #3
Earth: Apple has changed the world PVP
Earth: Archie married Veronica Archie #601
Earth: Archie marries Betty Archie #604
Earth: Ares uses Wonder Woman's corpse to create Genocide Wonder Woman #31
Earth: Armageddon caused by superhumans Midnighter: Armageddon
Earth: Army of reanimated dead JLA/WildCATS
Earth: Arno Stark and Machine Man Machine Man
Earth: Ash and Gabrielle's son Xena/Army of Darkness #3
Earth: Astra Sensation #99
Earth: Atari Force Atari Force #1
Earth: Atomic energy Captain Marvel Adventures #90
Earth: Attacked by Mandate Wolverine: Snikt
Earth: Authoritarian Control Timespirits #5
Earth: Automated City Captain Marvel Adventures #96
Earth: Automaton's home Gene Dogs #1
Earth: Avengers destroy the Nomad planet Avengers #24
Earth: Avengers Empire Avengers A.I. #11