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Title Issue
Earth: Abandoned by Superboy Superboy #134
Earth: Batman and Lex are partners World's Finest #153
Earth: Batman is killed and Robin avenges him Detective #347
Earth: Blind Lois and disfigured Superman Lois Lane #91
Earth: Bruce Wayne adopted by the Kents World's Finest #172
Earth: Clark Kent marries Lois Lane and Bruce Wayne marries Kathy Kane World's Finest #154
Earth: Dick Grayson is Batman II Batman #131
Earth: Els flee Krypton, then migrate to Krypton II Superboy #95
Earth: Els survive and move to Earth Superboy #74
Earth: Invincible with short sleeves Invincible #60
Earth: Jimmy Olsen and Superman's children marry Jimmy Olsen #56
Earth: Jimmy Olsen marries Supergirl Jimmy Olsen #57
Earth: Jor-El and Lara wind up on Earth Superman Family #192
Earth: Kal-El is Hyperman of Montreal Superman #200
Earth: Kal-el is Skyboy Superman #300
Earth: Killer Kent and Super Luthor Superman #230
Earth: Krypton is safe, protected by Futuro, then Superman Superman #132
Earth: Krypton Woman Lois Lane #47
Earth: Lana and Superman are married, Lana with powers Lois Lane #26
Earth: Lana goes to future and marries Superman's descendent Lois Lane #36
Earth: Lex and Clark adopted by Kents Superman #175
Earth: Lex as Lexo Lois Lane #64
Earth: Lex is Superman, Clark Kent is Batman World's Finest #167
Earth: Lex kills Superman Superman #149
Earth: Lois and Lex are married, son marries Lana and Superman's daughter Lois Lane #34
Earth: Lois and Superman are married, with a son Lois Lane #25
Earth: Lois and Superman are married, with twins Lois Lane #19
Earth: Lois and Superman have genius baby Superman #224
Earth: Lois and Superman married with infant son Lois Lane #94
Earth: Lois died, survived by Superman and Clark Jr. Superman #192
Earth: Lois dies, leaving Superman and Laney behind Superman #215
Earth: Lois Lane and Bruce Wayne married Lois Lane #89
Earth: Lois Lane is Supermaid Superman #159
Earth: Maskless Flash Flash #128
Earth: No Superman Lois Lane #20
Earth: Robin cares for blind Superman and mentally impaired Batman World's Finest #184
Earth: Super-sons World's Finest #215
Earth: Superboy lost powers at 16 Superman #404
Earth: Superboy was Karkan the Mighty Superboy #183
Earth: Supergirl raised by Kents Action #275
Earth: Superman and Lex killed in battle Lois Lane #43
Earth: Superman had twin sons Superman #166
Earth: Superman in a wheelchair Action #396
Earth: Superman is Bruce Wayne, married to Barbara Gordon Superman #353
Earth: Superman Jr. Action #392
Earth: Superman married all the L.L.s Lois Lane #51
Earth: Superman marries Krysalla Action #410
Earth: Superman raised on Mars Superman #417
Earth: Superman Red and Superman Blue Superman #162
Earth: Superman retired Action #270