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Title Issue
Earth: A Superman fights Lex Luthor's empire Superman: Man of Steel Annual #5
Earth: An alien believes he is Superman Adventures of Superman Annual #8
Earth: Batman and Robin on a generation ship Robin Annual #5
Earth: Batman robot used by freedom fighters Batman Annual #20
Earth: Batman's descendents Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight Annual #6
Earth: Bizarro World Action Annual #8
Earth: CeCe Beck becomes Thunder Power of Shazam Annual #1
Earth: City-State of Gotham Batman: Shadow of the Bat Annual #4
Earth: Clones of the JLA Justice League America Annual #10
Earth: Flash powered ice world Flash Annual #9
Earth: Human colonists with super speed fight aliens Impulse Annual #1
Earth: League of Supermen Superman Annual #8
Earth: Metallic Supergirl Supergirl Annual #1
Earth: Superboy on Aztec world Superboy Annual #3
Earth: Wildfire's LSH LSH Annual #7
Earth: Wonder Woman on a generation ship Wonder Woman Annual #5
Earth: XL on Imagized planet Legionnaires Annual #3