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Title Issue
Earth: A world based on magic Books of Magic: Life during Wartime
Earth: A world with no magic at all Books of Magic: Life during Wartime
Earth: Action Maxx Next Men #24
Earth: Age of X Age of X: Alpha
Earth: Air Force LSH LSH #100
Earth: All Star Batman All Star Batman #1
Earth: All Star Superman All Star Superman #1
Earth: Alter Ego source world Alter Ego #1
Earth: Alternate 12 Another Nail
Earth: alternate 3 Another Nail
Earth: Alternate 4 Another Nail
Earth: alternate S Another Nail
Earth: Alternate T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents Another Nail
Earth: Ame-Comi Ami-Comi Girls #1
Earth: Angel/Matrix Supergirl marries Superman, has a daughter Supergirl #79
Earth: Aunt May gets pregnant Trouble
Earth: Avengers are the lost boys Avengers: Fairy Tales #1
Earth: Barry Allen has string ring Solo #12
Earth: Bat-like Dark Angel Titans #25
Earth: Batman and Tarzan team up Claws of the Catwoman
Earth: Batman is demonic Detective Comics #622
Earth: Batman unmasked Batman #151
Earth: Battlestone leads Youngblood Brigade #25
Earth: Belasco killed X-Men Uncanny X-Men #160
Earth: Ben Reilly survived Spider-Man: The Clone Saga #1
Earth: Blonde Phantom is an Avenger Age of the Sentry #4
Earth: Bruce Wayne Becomes The Iron Knight Batman #256
Earth: Bruce Wayne Becomes The Owl Batman #256
Earth: Bruce Wayne Becomes The Scorpian Batman #256
Earth: Bruce Wayne Becomes The Shooting Star Batman #256
Earth: Bruce Wayne Becomes The Stingray Batman #256
Earth: Bystanders killed during a bank robbery Angel #22
Earth: Cannon Firestorm Firestorm #21
Earth: Captain America dies Captain America: The Chosen #1
Earth: Captain America during Revolution Bicentennial Battles
Earth: Captain America in Wild West Bicentennial Battles
Earth: Captain America is a Nazi Ultraforce/Avengers
Earth: Captain America is President Marvels Comics: Captain America
Earth: Captain America on the moon Bicentennial Battles
Earth: Captain America with a different costume Ultraforce/Avengers
Earth: Challengers of the Unknown are nazis Challenge! #9
Earth: Chester Williams, American Cop Swamp Thing #165
Earth: Cobra in Japan G.I. Joe: Future Noir #1
Earth: Colossus is a policeman Excalibur #103
Earth: Colossus is bald Excalibur #103
Earth: Colossus is the Red Guardian Excalibur #103
Earth: Colossus wears chainmail Excalibur #103
Earth: Colossus with a ponytail Excalibur #103
Earth: Colossus with long hair Excalibur #103
Earth: Cowboy LSH LSH #100