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Title Issue
Earth: A kid with Superman's powers Superman #120
Earth: Agents of Hydra Agents of SHIELD, 'What-If?'
Earth: AIMarines attack Washington, DC Fall of the Hulks - Red Hulk #4
Earth: Allies Win Batman #15
Earth: Amadeus and Pythagoras are children Incredible Hercules #135
Earth: Amadeus Cho is famous and beloved Incredible Hercules #124
Earth: American Dream came true Captain America #4
Earth: Amy and Rory are having a baby Doctor Who, "Amy's Choice"
Earth: Angel and Psylocke have a family Uncanny X-Force #18
Earth: Aquaman on Waterworld JLA #8
Earth: Archie marries Valerie Archie #632
Earth: Atlantis at war with the surface world Sub-Mariner #6
Earth: Atomic Knight DC Comics Presents #57
Earth: Aunt May is herald of Galactus Marvel Team-Up #137
Earth: Authority rules the world Authority: The Revolution #2
Earth: Axis Wins Batman #15
Earth: Banner never became the Hulk Incredible Hulk #27
Earth: Bart gets over Jenda Simpsons, 'Days of Future Future'
Earth: Batman dying after spending his life with Wonder Woman JLA #90
Earth: Batman killed the Joker Injustice: Gods Among Us Year Three #14
Earth: Batman, retired JLA #8
Earth: Bender accidentally poisons Planet Express crew Futurama, "Law and Oracle"
Earth: Bernie America Captain America #289
Earth: Black Bolt creates peace between Inhumans and Humans Nova #33
Earth: Black Canary becomes Witch Canary Birds of Prey #65
Earth: Bob becomes a cyborg cop Bob's Burgers, 'Sliding Bobs'
Earth: Bob grows hair all over his body Bob's Burgers, 'Sliding Bobs'
Earth: Brent and Jade have a daughter PVP
Earth: Bruce Banner killed the Hulk Incredible Hulk #609
Earth: Bruce Wayne becomes Cobra Batman #682
Earth: Bruce Wayne becomes Mothman Batman #682
Earth: Bruce Wayne is a doctor Batman #683
Earth: Bruce Wayne marries Kathy Kane Batman #122
Earth: Burnout and Rainmaker in Garden of Eden Gen 13 Bootleg #1
Earth: Cain Marko is paralyzed X-Men Unlimited #12
Earth: Captain America is reunited with Ian Captain America #20
Earth: Captain Avenger Captain America #221
Earth: Captain Marvel fails to prevent an atomic war Captain Marvel Adventures #66
Earth: Carter and Jo are Together Eureka, 'Lost'
Earth: Cat Grant with Superman's powers Superman #120
Earth: Catwoman kept her daughter Catwoman #72
Earth: Catwoman runs away to Spain Catwoman #72
Earth: Chimera Zenith #5
Earth: Colossus and Kitty have a son Astonishing X-Men #17
Earth: Constantine releases demons Justice League Dark #6
Earth: Courtney Duran has spider powers Spider-Girl #19
Earth: Crownspire Aquaman Annual #1
Earth: Daken kills Osborne Dark Wolverine #82
Earth: Daken saves his unit Dark Wolverine #84
Earth: Destiny's Hand Justice League #72