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Title Issue
Earth: Age of Apocalypse AoA books
Earth: Alchemy never died out Astro City: Samaritan Special
Earth: Alien virus infects humanity X-Files: Conspiracy #2
Earth: Aliens allied with Gold Updated All-New Classic Captain Canuck #3
Earth: Alpha Flight becomes US heroes Alpha Flight #11
Earth: Amazons rule the world Hercules #124
Earth: Americommand Captain America Corps #1
Earth: Asgard attacks Updated S.H.I.E.L.D. #12
Earth: Atlas took over the world Force Seven #5
Earth: Avengers are dead Young Avengers #6
Earth: Bajoran Ascendancy Star Trek DS9: Millenium
Earth: Barry Allen was never struck by lightning Booster Gold #4
Earth: Batman never existed Booster Gold #11
Earth: Bender leads a robot takeover Futurama, "Decision 3012"
Earth: Biff Runs a Casino Back to the Future II
Earth: Billy Batson's parents are Marvels Power of Shazam #27
Earth: Black hole destroys the world Brave and the Bold #34
Earth: Bobby Drake is never born Iceman #2
Earth: Borg Sentinels Star Trek TNG/X-Men: Second Contact
Earth: Brain Child destroys world Avengers #86
Earth: Brian prevents 9/11 Family Guy, 'Road to the Pilot'
Earth: Brian Salmon never met Muriel Jenkins Dreaming #4
Earth: Bruce Wayne becomes Paladin Justice League of America #25
Earth: Cap Lives! Captain America #17
Earth: Captain America is found by the Agents of Atlas Marvel Adventures: Giant Sized Avengers #1
Earth: Chronok conquers the 21st century Marvel Team-Up #15
Earth: Citizen Brown Back to the Future: Citizen Brown #3
Earth: Claude Picard takes over the Federation Star Trek TNG Annual #1
Earth: Crusader is killed Love and Capes #12
Earth: Daemonites took over the world Majestic #5
Earth: Dean is killed by a mugger Supernatural, 'Mystery Spot'
Earth: Death Celestial destroys the world Defenders #10
Earth: Doc Brown develops time travel for the government Back to the Future #2
Earth: Donna Troy has a crazy mom Wonder Woman #134
Earth: Donna Troy is an abused spouse Wonder Woman #133
Earth: Donna Troy is homeless Wonder Woman #134
Earth: Doom Patrol at war with humanity Doom Patrol #14
Earth: Doom Patrol survives Doom Patrol #14
Earth: Doomworld DC's Legends of Tomorrow, 'Doomworld'
Earth: Emperor Dragon Kills All Humans Savage Dragon #168
Earth: Emperor Joker Superman #160
Earth: Everyone is Launchpad McQuack Darkwing Duck #1
Earth: Evil Legion of Mordru and Glorith Legionnaires #18
Earth: Federation nearly conquered by the Gorn Star Trek: The Janus Gate: Future Imperfect
Earth: Flashpoint Flashpoint #1
Earth: Forever Yesterday New Warriors #11
Earth: Fusion of DCU and Milestone Static #14
Earth: Gender switched Superman #349
Earth: Generations, attack by Darkseid Superman/Batman: Generations 3
Earth: Gorgilla is President Fin Fang Four Return #1